Dome Design

Image of a Unique Dome lit up in a garden setting.

Your Unique Dome creates a tranquil space for you to work, socialise and relax. A tailored space to breathe. An unhampered getaway to think creatively, your ultimate working, social and creative environment.

Photo of the interior of a Unique Dome.

Whatever you need a Unique Dome for, we can help you adapt it to meet your inspiration: home office, quiet and cosy hideaway, meditation space, writing retreat, artist studio, design house, music room, yoga retreat, arboretum, inventor’s space, social den.

Design cut-away image of a Unique Dome.

The dome provides a unique space that is efficient to heat and offers endless possibilities for personalisation. The starter dome is small enough to avoid planning regulations and can be installed in your garden.

The frames are constructed from Accoya wood in the joinery. Unique Domes are double skinned fully insulated with bespoke double-glazed vision panels which can be anywhere in the dome’s construction.

There are various additional options for the domes, including personalized vinyl printed panels on the interior. Vision panels can be placed anywhere in the dome to optimise the best aspects of the location and optimise natural light.

Image of a multi-coloured Unique Dome.

Whatever your needs, we can provide the services to make your Unique Dome perfect for you. Supply options can include:

  • An Electrical distribution board and earth. This will require a small electrical cable to an electrical distribution board with 4 circuits serving lights.
  • Ventilation AC unit. This will be a heat pump to cool the dome in summer and to heat it in winter.
  • An Underfloor heating manifold (a single spiral wound circuit). This optional feature can allow the dome to be heated from the main building heating system.
  • Side Vents for incoming air in stainless. Fresh air can be transferred through grilles into the dome.
  • Pipes for Cold/hot water. A single or dual pipe system will transfer water to the sink unit.
  • A small stainless sink for tea/coffee etc.
  • A small under bench hot water unit can be fitted for instant hot water.
  • A small zip tap for instant boiling water for coffee tea.
  • A small refrigerator can be built in for drinks.
    A pumped drain from the sink and AC unit can be fitted.
  • Lighting and small power outlets will be designed in.
  • Up-lighting in the back of benches. This can shine on internal panels.
  • LED mood lighting can be provided to be both dimmable and colour variable.
  • Lampstands on benches can be provided for workstation and for down-lighting.
  • Electric switched opaque glass can be provided for night privacy.
  • Power/Telephone/computer points. Can be provided at the back of the workbenches.
  • A TV screen can elevate from the worktop or be projected onto a screen.
  • A sound system can be provided with Speakers.

Image of the exterior of a Unique Dome.