We are committed to minimising the impact on the environment and ensuring our Unique Domes, wooden furniture and joinery have the smallest carbon footprint possible.

Your Unique Dome’s frame is made from Accoya wood and the external triangular panels are made from MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME MDF. These materials are sustainably sourced and will give you a 50-year guarantee above ground.

Design image of of the wooden shell of a Unique Dome.

Accoya® has been certified at the C2C Gold level since 2010, as the only structural building material around. Accoya and MTX offer similar benefits.


  • sustainably sourced wood
  • made from abundantly available, fast growing
  • non-toxic; nothing is added to the wood that does
    not naturally occur in it.


  • enhanced durability
  • warranted 50 years above and 25 years in the ground – improved stability for longer coating life
  • superior thermal insulation


  • Accoya wood is fully reusable and recyclable
  • non-toxic and 100% biodegradable
  • waste wood gets high quality second life.

Image of the exterior of a Unique Dome.

Data sheet of the Sustainability Key Features of Accoya wood.